Play by Ear CLASS

Play by Ear’s Piano course will help you to effectively build a basic understanding of all music elements. There are 4 levels as follows:

● Level 1 : Play by Ear fundamental

● Level 2 : Accompaniment

● Level 3 : Re-Harmonization

● Level 4 : Improvisation



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Level 1 : Play by Ear fundamental

Level 1: Play by Ear Fundamental – Basic Course Level 1 Play by Ear Fundamental

Awaken your musical ability; acquire an important basic skill in playing music through listening

Learn to polish up instrumental music arrangements… play pop songs on piano in a professional way

Create your own style of playing music

Level 2 :

Level 2: Accompaniment – Level 2 Accompaniment Course

Build necessary skills to play music with other singers and musicians

Create the right groove for playing any music genre

Understand the structure of advanced chords

Level 3 : Re-Harmonization

Level 3: Re-Harmonization – Level 3 Re-Harmonization Course

Understand professional level chords

Able to omit, add or adjust chords to suit any music genre

Create different ways of playing music with special techniques in using different types of chords

Level 4 : Improvisation

Level 4: Improvisation – Level 4 Improvisation Course

Thinking out of the box and adding unique styles to your songs

Practice improvising, filling-in, creating Intros and Endings

Adjusting and transforming melodies to become more interesting

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Why should you study at Play by Ear?

Play by Ear uses a special method of teaching which will enable you to become successful as a Pro in a shorter amount of time.

Understand music
Play by Ear emphasizes the principle of listening to music as a professional musician would.

You can really play
Internationally recognized and proven.

You can play in a short period of time
12 times faster compared to other music courses.